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About Our Logo


Our unique logo is much more than meets the eye! Look carefully to see all the carefully crafted elements within it!

1.  The Lighthouse – Maine is home to 65 historical lighthouses along the shore. These structures help guide Mariners to safety.
2.  The Dirigo Star – Dirigo is the state motto and is Latin for “I lead”. The Mariners are hoping to have many leads this morning!
3.  ME – The M and trident form an ME, which is the abbreviation for the great state of Maine.
4.  Pine Tree – One of the nicknames of Maine is the Pine Tree State. The center spear of the trident pays homage to the native evergreens.

5.  SEASON 5! - This season is our 5th anniversary ECHL season, so we’ve integrated the roman numeral V (5) into our logo.